New website

My previous website was based on the BandPage profile I set up to help promote my album, Embers. However, BandPage were bought by YouTube and they took away the option to use your profile as a website so it meant I had to find another solution if I wanted to keep a presence at

As well as considering the option of just directing my site to my Facebook page, I looked at a few of the most common options like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly but after some testing I eventually settled on WordPress which offered a really cheap no ads version and good blogging platform.

My previous websites have all been about my bands for updates on gigs, recordings and songs. I thought that while I was working on a new website, it would be a good opportunity to incorporate information and updates on the musical work I’m doing with the church. I realise both sides of my musical journey won’t appeal to everybody but it should be easy to focus on the area that you’d like to know more about by selecting from the menu options above or using the categories below.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site. If you’re here to find out about my previous releases then there’s a lot of information about my album Embers, single The Warning, as well as a lot of demos to listen to. There isn’t much in the church area of the website but this will grow over time.

Thanks for reading.


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