The Warning

I recorded this song for my album “Embers” with no thoughts of releasing a single. However, I was experimenting with the mix and found there were two very different versions of the song “The Lighthouse” that I really wanted to share but there was only room on the album for one. I thought that the more chilled out, strings-laden version fitted well on the album so I renamed this darker/rockier version “The Warning” and released it as a single. It features Paul McShane on lead guitar (including Ebow parts) with me taking on all the other parts and the mixing. The single was released on 5th August 2016 and has been played on Amazing Radio.


You can buy a digital copy of the single or stream it from most online music distributors such as Amazon, DeezerGoogleiTunes, Microsoft, Spotify and Tidal. If you prefer lossless audio quality then you can buy a FLAC version from CD Baby.

I’ve lost inside, I’ve lost my tongue
Faltering, I need to run
Simple words – I can’t find one
Surely the answer is going to come
I tripped on the way here
Abandoning all fear
I thought I was so near
And as I knocked your door
I realised so much more
I’d chosen to ignore the warning – the lighthouse
Those warning signs were everywhere
Beauty hides what isn’t there
I realise now but had been unaware
I wave goodbye to this love affair
I tripped on the way here
Abandoning all fear
I thought I was so near
And as I knocked your door
I realised so much more
I don’t want to ignore

I recorded a video of me playing this song in the garden and the audio features the live vocal and the acoustic guitar take from the video as well as the backing track from the single.

Here are some excerpts from a review of the single:

Heartbreak takes many forms in the music world. It’s one of the most common inspirations for songwriting out there, which also makes it one of the most difficult to make sound original. The Scottish musician Andy Craig has put forth a fresh take on the theme with his single “The Warning.” The lead single from Craig’s forthcoming album Embers finds the singer-songwriter admitting mistake in a relationship, with his words set against a lush musical pad of guitars and synths…The standout element on “The Warning” is Craig’s lyrics…Craig’s creative perspective on a broken romance, combined with his engaging songwriting and production work, make “The Warning” a worthwhile listen.

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