Church Music

I’ve been involved in church music in different capacities at my local church, Kirkintilloch Baptist Church, for many years. During that time I’ve primarily played rhythm guitar and sung but I’ve also played keys, bass and lead guitar occasionally as well as spending time behind the mixing desk. I’ve been running the two youth bands at church for the last three years and lead sung worship with them every fortnight at our more contemporary evening services. I’ll be updating the blog with some insights from my experience and hopefully adding some helpful resources for those that are in a similar leadership roles. Please also let me know if you have any questions either by commenting below or using the contact page.

As well as continuing to help develop the youth bands and the emerging leaders there, I’m planning to spend a lot more time writing new songs for the church. I’ve written a few songs in the past to play at special events but I’ve never devoted much time to it. I have a lot of ideas for themes to explore and I’m looking forward to focusing on this for a while. I’m not sure what the output of this will look like (maybe an album / maybe a couple of EPs / maybe something else) but I’ll be writing a mixture of songs intended for congregational singing in church as well as more reflective songs. The song “Hope” below is an old example of the latter that I wrote for a church event and recorded at home a few years ago.

I’ll post regular updates about my writing and recording on the blog so please subscribe if you’re interested.

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