Hello and welcome to my website. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy browsing through my posts and listening to the music.
I’m a songwriter from the outskirts of Glasgow in Scotland and have spent the last 20 years playing in different bands.My musical journey started off properly with the three-piece band Sundown. I played on and off under my own name and also with the band Four Minute Mile. I recorded a collection of my songs from over the years and released it as an album called Embers. You can also listen to a lot of other songs that didn’t make the cut on my demos page. 

My music has been the reason for having an online presence since first setting up a website at andycraig.com. I’ve had a few revisions of it over the years but it’s always been about the musical journey with my bands. However, now that the album is out and I’ve played my final gig (definitely/maybe), I’ll be taking my music in another direction. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea (I get that) but I’ll be focussing on writing music for the church as I continue to